Our Investment in Worker Protection

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our team. Like a family, we’re always there for each other, holding one another accountable to the highest safety standards. Well-trained safety managers with site-specific experience are regularly on site to oversee operations and safety program adherence. Many Saiia projects have full-time, dedicated safety managers present. With daily safety meetings, ongoing and robust communications, and industry-specific training sessions, we ensure that each employee understands the best work practices to maintain a safe workplace.

Saiia’s significant investment in workplace health and safety supports our mission to mitigate incidents and send our workers home safely at the end of every day. We understand how important an accident-free work environment is to our clients, and we work with them daily to improve safety performance.

We Keep Our Workforce Safe

  • Safety housekeeping program
  • Full-time safety director
  • Full-time, site-specific safety managers
  • Safety audits, checklists, and inspections
  • Safety meetings, communications, and training