Services Include:

  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Installation and Maintenance 
  • Sediment Basin Construction and Maintenance 
  • Mass Excavation
  • Site Clearing, Excavation, and Grading
  • Dredging and Support
  • Rock Excavation, Drilling and Blasting, Hydraulic Breaking
  • Underground Utility Installation
  • Revegetation and Site Restoration
  • Dewatering Services
  • Rail Line and Rail Yard Construction
  • Pond, Dike, and Berm Construction
  • HDPE Piping Systems 
  • Water Treatment System Support
  • Landfill Construction, Expansion, and Closure
  • Pond Cleanout and Maintenance Services
  • Industrial Capital Project Support
  • Select Public Works Projects 
  • New Power Generation Site Development 

Featured Project

New Power Plant Sitework

Saiia Construction contracted with the utility’s EPC contractor to perform the civil sitework package for a new combined cycle power plant. The new plant will replace coal units that have been retired. Saiia performed mass excavation of earth and rock, installed thousands of feet of large-diameter storm pipe, constructed over 25 acres of contractor parking and laydown areas, and constructed permanent and temporary detention ponds.

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